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To ensure the safety of every dog and the integrity of our “Dogs Come First” policy, we have a fun interview process. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule a time convenient for you.

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Dog Rock is the ultimate getaway in Rockland County, NY for your furry best friend! We are a full-service dog daycare, boarding, and training center.

Our Story

The Dog Rock story begins when I met my dog Gilbert. He was only a few months old and was resting on the couch with his grandpa Foster. I sat down and Gilbert immediately hopped on my chest. We connected immediately and I fell in love. He came home with me and has been my best bud ever since! A few magical months go by and inevitably came the first time I had to travel without my Gilby. I was worried. Who could take good care of him while I was out of town?

"We are built with your dogs needs in mind!"

Gilbert’s a big mushball sweetheart but, like many dogs can be overwhelming for someone who isn’t a “dog person.” He’s a Bull Terrier (like Spuds Mackenzie, or Bullseye, the Target dog) and let me tell you, they’re named Bull Terriers for a reason! At times he can be enough of a handful that I knew I couldn’t leave him with just any friend or family member. And I was uncomfortable leaving him in a kennel where he would receive little (or no) attention from the staff. How could I be sure I was leaving him in a place where he would be happy, safe and loved?

"Here, unique personalities form lasting friendships."

With no better alternative, I made a reservation to board with my local animal hospital. I figured it was the safest and best option considering Gilbert had already been there before and was familiar with the building. But, at the last minute, a friend swooped in and offered to watch Gilbert for the weekend. A dog lover friend with a big backyard. We lucked out. But as I sat on the plane, traveling across the country feeling fortunate and relieved, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What about next time?”. And that was the moment Dog Rock Resorts was born! I knew my problem had to be a common one for dog lovers and I knew I could help. So here we are. I’m thrilled to bring my dream to life, and I’m excited to have your pup stay with us at Dog Rock!

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  • Denise Weiss

    As someone who often works long hours, I was looking for a place where my 7 month old puppy Dexter could play with other dogs and would be well taken care of and loved. From the minute I met Mike and toured the facilities, I knew Dog Rock Resorts was exactly what I was looking for. The lobby and playrooms are bright, welcoming and clean, and the boarding suites for overnight stays have all the comforts of home, including a dog size bed, pillows, blanket, area rug and water bowl. The indoor/outdoor areas provide plenty of space to run around and play, and the staff is warm, friendly and engaging. I was particularly impressed that dogs are not only grouped by size and weight, but by temperament as well. Dexter loves going to Dog Rock and I love knowing he is safe, happy and releasing some puppy energy. When I come to pick him up he doesn’t want to leave, and I know he spent the entire day playing because he falls asleep before we even drive out of the parking lot. Having had a negative experience at a different dog day care center a few months ago, I wouldn’t think about leaving Dexter anywhere other than Dog Rock Resorts.

    - Denise Weiss
  • Gilda Vasi

    Last week, I needed to go out of state unexpectedly and Mike just opened up Dog Rock Resort, so I decided to check it out. First of all, the outside is absolutely beautiful. Then walking in the door with my 9 month old overly active puppy, I felt as though I was walking into a five star hotel! Mike and his staff were warm, welcoming and ready to take care of Opie. I trusted Mike and his staff immediately, as they were professional, kind and definitely dog lovers. Mike kept in contact with me via text throughout the weekend with updates and pictures of how much fun Opie was having. Opie was kept active by running around inside and outside with his new doggy friends. Opie and I are so thankful that we found Dog Rock Resort and look forward to many more visits!!!

    - Gilda Vasi
  • Jennifer Neimark

    First I just want to thank you again for taking Brooklyn last minute. Upon entering the facility I was blown away by the mere appearance and cleanliness – it smelt like a spa not the typical kennel I’m used to from another local establishment. What impressed me the most was you nailed Brooklyn’s personality and suggested activities that would help her settle in- The 30 min walks and photos were fantastic. The attention to detail of what you created at Dog Rocks shows your commitment to our dogs and your field. Upon Picking her up she looked fantastic and smelled even better thanks to her bath- but I was greeted by the most professional staff. Check out was fast and easy and at the end of a long day it makes a difference. We are customers for life.

    - Jennifer Neimark

Let's Meet!

To ensure the safety of every dog and the integrity of our “Dogs Come First” policy, we have a fun interview process. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule a time convenient for you.