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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does my dog get started at Dog Rock Resorts?

    First off, we just want to say YOU ROCK for getting here!  You’re clearly a committed dog mom or dad if you’re exploring our site and THAT ROCKS!  We truly understand what your dogs mean to you and your family 🙂

    To enroll your dog in overnight or daytime programs the first step is scheduling a meet and greet with us.  Our meet and greets are free-of-charge and generally will not be longer than 1 hour.  During this time, we will bring you on a tour of the resort and answer any questions you may have about our programs and your dog’s experience with us.

    For fastest enrollment, please email mike@dogrockresorts.com to schedule your dog’s meet and greet.  Please send veterinary records to info@dogrockresorts.com or they can be faxed to (845)-575-0005.

    • Up-to-date on Bordetella, distemper and rabies vaccinations
    • 6 Months +
    • Females must be spayed
    • All males must be neutered in order to be evaluated for social programming (other programs available for males who have not been neutered)
  • What is the purpose of the meet and greet? What is involved?

    The purpose of our meet and greet is to learn as much as possible about your dog’s unique personality and behavior so we can enroll them in programs that will be enjoyable, safe, and comfortable.  We do not push dogs into programs we feel they are not ready for and we always take a sensitive approach.  We respect what dogs are trying to communicate with us and want this first experience together to be positive so your dog feels comfortable returning.


  • What is the difference between a Full-Day of Daycare versus a Half-Day of Daycare?

    Full-Day of Daycare = Over 6 Hours

    Half-Day of Daycare = Under 6 Hours

  • What time is daycare and what are the drop-off and pick-up policies? Late Fee's?

    Social Daycare Program Hours: Weekdays 7 AM-7 PM / Weekends 8 AM-6 PM

    Drop-Off Hours (Two Drop Off Periods Daily): Morning Period 7 AM-9 AM OR Afternoon Period 1 PM-3 PM

    *These drop-off periods are designed with safety in mind.

    Daycare Program Late/No Show Fees:

    • If picking up after 7 pm: Your dog will be signed into the Boarding program. A charge of $78.00-$123.00 will be charged depending on the availability of suites instead of our regular daycare charge. 
    • Any dogs who cancel the same day or do not show up for their scheduled day of daycare will be charged a $20.00 No Show Daycare Fee.
  • What time is checkout the day of pickup when my dog is sleeping over? Is there a deposit required to make bookings?

    Check-out of our overnight boarding program is at 12 PM on the last day of your reservation.  To avoid any late fees on the day of pick up, please schedule your pick up for before 12 PM noon.  Feel free to have a friend or a family member pick your dog up, but please make sure our staff is aware as we will not hand off your dog to a stranger! There will be a $38.00 late check-out fee for check-outs between 12 PM – 3 PM.  All checkouts AFTER 3 PM will be an additional night of boarding – you will be charged our suite rate ($78-$133) based on availability.


    Cancellation & Refunds

     A 50% deposit is required for all boarding reservations at Dog Rock Resorts.

    Dog Rock is a small, boutique hotel with a limited number of overnight accommodations compared to a traditional boarding facility.  This is one of the many differences that separates us from our competition.  We ask that you please read our cancellation and refund policies carefully, as it becomes very difficult and time-consuming for our team to fill overnight suites when a reservation is canceled at the last minute.  Understandably, our clients who have been on our waiting list are forced to seek out alternative arrangements for their furry best friends as they get closer to their holiday; and because so often we all travel at same times, our team is unsuccessful in scheduling a new booking.  We thank all of you for your understanding, continued trust, love and support – Team Dog Rock 🖤

    Peak-Period Cancelation (Summer, School Breaks and Holidays):  Your boarding deposit will be refunded 100% if your reservation is canceled 10 days or more prior to your check-in date.

    Off-Peak Cancelation (All Other Times Of The Year): Your boarding deposit will be refunded 100% if your reservation is canceled 3 days or more prior to your check-in date.

    *Please ask our front desk for a copy of our Off Peak/Peak Period Calendar

  • If my dog is in group daycare, does he play all day?

    From our experience, we have found it is critical to provide a low energy period in the middle of the day.  During our nap period, we discourage the dogs from engaging in high-energy play, bring the beds out, put soothing music and chill out.  This is time for belly rubs and snuggles.  Our nap period is 11 AM-1:00 PM every day and we DO NOT ALLOW daycare drop-offs between the hours of 10 AM-1:00 PM.

  • Is someone monitoring the dogs at all times while they are in the play yards? Who will be monitoring the dogs?

    Yes. We will NOT be “checking in”, we will be present at all times and hands on! Our play yard supervisor’s primary responsibility is to maintain a healthy, stress free environment for the dogs in group play. He or she is carefully monitoring body language and behavioral cues with the idea to solve problems before they occur. We accomplish this by developing relationships with each and every dog who stays with us and learning his or her tendencies. We carefully select which dogs play together based on of size and temperament.

  • My dog is getting older or is simply not interested in playing with other dogs during the day… what will my dog’s day be like if he stays at Dog Rock?

    Because there are so many reasons a dog should not be interacting off-leash with a large group, and because of how careful we are with who is involved in our social daycare program, we developed an awesome human-only interaction program.  Just like humans, some dogs like to party, and some don’t! This program is designed for elderly dogs, blind, deaf, dogs who struggle with anxiety, recovering from injury, or puppies and adult dogs with little to no experience in large social settings.  Dogs enrolled in our private boarding program enjoy several one-on-one sessions with one of our Canine Care Leaders, outdoors and off-leash in a private play yard, for fresh air, potty relief and exercise.

  • My dog eats a specific food and must take medicine, is that okay?

    If you bring your own dog food we ask you to be as detailed as possible with your instructions. It is best to supply us with already labeled ready to serve portions if your dog is on a special diet. If you do not bring dog food or your dog stays longer than anticipated, our house dog food is veterinarian approved and is $3 per meal. Our staff is trained to administer non-injectable medicine. Each pill pocket is an additional $1.

  • My dog LOVES his own bed and blankie! Can I bring them with him so he is comfortable at night? Can I bring his favorite toy?

    Of course! Please feel free to bring anything you feel will make your dog more comfortable during his or her stay with us.

  • How close is the nearest animal hospital to Dog Rock Resorts in case of an emergency?

    County Animal hospital is across the street and Valley Cottage Animal Hospital is open 24 hours and 6 miles away. As a reminder, we have staff members on the premises 24/7.

  • Is there an additional charge for holidays?

    Yes. Depending on the holiday, there is an additional charge for Daycare and overnight boarding.

  • What if I have more than one dog?

    You will receive a 15% discount on your second dog if they stay in the same suite. If they prefer private suites, they will be charged full price.

  • How far in advance do I need to book services?

    As soon as possible. Especially over the Christmas and New Years holidays, we ask that you let us know at least one month ahead of time in order to guarantee a reservation.

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