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Overnight Boarding

$91 – $144 Per Night

Price varies depending on size of suite ranging from S-XL, time of year, and whether your dog is participating in human-only interaction programs, or social dog-on-dog interactivity programming.  All dogs spending the night, regardless of suite size, participate in the same daily programs and all suite options include raised beds, plush blankets, rugs and pillows.  Our overnight boarding area was designed to feel more like a small space inside a household, or a nursery, versus a kennel, or rows of crates.  At Dog Rock, our sleeping areas have plenty of natural light from large exterior windows and skylights.  During our nap periods, early evening and throughout the night we play soothing music for our furry guests. For more information about our overnight boarding programs, we encourage you to visit our FAQ Page.

*If you have more than one dog, and your dogs are safe and comfortable sharing an overnight suite, each additional dog is discounted by 15%.  Only sibling dogs from the same household, who have experience sharing small spaces, will be able to share overnight suites for safety purposes.  For safety reasons, we will not allow “close friends” or “cousins” to share an overnight suite.   

*Please bring your dog’s favorite items from home.  We ask all guests to please arrive at check-in with pre-portioned, ready-to-serve meals so we can ensure we have the necessary amount of meals for your dog’s overnight stay. If you do not bring dog food or your dog stays longer than anticipated, our house dog food is veterinarian approved and is $3 per meal. Our staff is trained to administer non-injectable medicine – all medical conditions must be discussed in detail with management before checking-in.  

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Daycare Program

7am-7pm Mon-Fri and 8am-6pm Sat-Sun

Full-Day (Over 6 Hours) $54

1/2 Day (Under 6 Hours) $48

Drop Off Hours: 7am-9am OR 1pm-3pm Mon-Fri / 8am-9am OR 1pm-3pm Sat-Sun 

*Keep in mind, our daycare program has a max capacity and all daycare requests must be confirmed with our front desk before arriving.  We ask for everyone’s patience during our drop-off and pick-up periods and to please remain in your vehicle to avoid negative interactions in our parking lot and lobby.

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