Dog Rock Resorts Employment

Thank you so much for your interest in working with us! We are always searching for dog lovers to join our team at Dog Rock Resorts. Here are the positions that are currently open. Please send all resumes and applications to and include your name in the subject line! Our employment application can be downloaded here

Play Yard Supervisor/General Assistant:

We are currently looking to hire play yard attendants/general assistants – full and part time! You must be extremely comfortable and confident with your dog handling skills – all breeds and sizes. This job is not for everyone and must be taken very seriously. You must genuinely love being around dogs and truly care about their well being. An ideal candidate would be someone who has walked dogs professionally or is interested in becoming a dog trainer, groomer or a veterinarian!

Your primary responsibility will be supervising our play yards. You will also be assisting in cleaning our facility and administering food and medicine. Being detail oriented and focused is key… You will be at times monitoring 20+ dogs and must be able to confidently and effectively separate a dog at any time if he or she is exhibiting stress. We will work as a team – you will be reporting and logging dog behavioral tendencies or medical problems to the manager. We must get to know and understand the dogs who stay with us. You will work carefully with our staff and trainer so we can be sure that you are comfortable and capable of supervising an off leash play yard. Being able to work on holidays and weekends is preferred. You must be reliable when scheduled! Being physically fit will help you as you will be on your feet most of the day and may need to lift a dog up at times. This an hourly wage position and there is definitely potential for promotion for the right candidates. No smokers please!