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At-Home Services With Hana McDonough

At Home Services Welcome Form

Must fill out to start At Home Services
  • In the event of an emergency, please provide us with a close friend or neighbor who will not be traveling with you.
  • Please provide us with the reason for your pet's medication, the type of medication, the medication schedule, and any other information regarding your pet's healthcare. If your pet does not require medication, just simply write "No".
  • Please provide us with any necessary information regarding your pet's feeding schedule. Please include the location of your food/treats in the house as well as meal times/portion sizes. The more information the better, don't hold back!
  • Please be as detailed as possible! If your pet is allergy-free, please just write "No".
  • Don't hold back, the more information the better! Please describe any behavioral tendencies, commands, favorite toys, exercise routines etc. Our goal is to develop a long-term friendship with your pet so she or he is as comfortable as possible during our sessions together.

Let's Meet!

To ensure the safety of every dog and the integrity of our "Dogs Come First" policy, we have a fun interview process.

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