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Group Day Care

Our play yard supervisor's primary responsibilty is to maintain a healthy, stress free environment for the dogs in group play. We carefully select which dogs play together based on size, temperament and energy level. Our staff will be present at all times and hands on... we will not be 'checking in'... we'll be playing with your dogs!

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  • Full Day (Over 6 Hours)
  • Full Day 10 Pack
  • Full Day 20 Pack
  • Full Day 30 Pack
  • Half Day (Under 6 Hours)
  • Half Day 5 Pack
  • Half Day 10 Pack
*All Packages are non refundable and must be used within one year of purchase date.

Private Day Care

This is a Day Care option for dogs who are either too old, possibly recently injured or simply not interested in group play. In Private Day Care, your dog can rest peacefully in a private suite, spend time in a private outdoor play yard or enjoy alone time with one of our staff. *Pricing depends on availability of suites and which size option customer is looking for.

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  • Private Day Care Full Day
  • Private Day Care 10 Pack
  • Private Day Care 20 Pack
  • Private Day Care 30 Pack
  • Private Day Care Half Day

Dog Training

We will offer one hour private or group training classes from puppy to advanced training. Classes will be held on weeknights and weekends. Please call for more information.

Puppy Kindergarten

Our puppy day care program is not only the most adorable thing you will ever see, it's excellent for the growth of your dog! Puppy day care is designed to assist you in creating a confident, loving adult dog who enjoys interactivity with other dogs and humans.

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  • Puppy Kindergarten Full Day
  • Puppy Kindergarten 10 Pack
  • Puppy Kindergarten 20 Pack

Overnight Boarding

Group Day Care is included in overnight boarding for dogs who have passed our group play compatability interview. For dogs who have not been spayed/neutered, or dogs who are simply not interested in socializing, we offer a private daycare program. We also offer additional services that can be purchased during your dogs stay including extra belly rubs, water park and one-on-one time. All of our suites, regardless of the size, are the same experience for your dog. Some dogs are interested in a tight space, some like a lot of room!

Day Care will be included until 12 PM on the day of pick up. If you pick up after 12 PM, you will be charged for a half day of Day Care.

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  • Overnight Boarding (Large)
  • Overnight Boarding (Medium)
  • Overnight Boarding (Small)
*If you have two or more dogs who share a room, each additional dog is 15% off.

Dog Grooming

Basic bath includes a shampoo/condition, blow dry, ear clean, nail trim and either a male cologne or female perfume. All grooming and bathing prices can vary based on the condition of coats, temperament of the pet and overall complexity of the grooming style requested.

For all professional haircuts you must make an appointment with our groomer and prices vary.

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  • Professional Haircut including Bath
  • Basic Bath Includes Shampoo/Condition, Blow dry, Ear Clearn, Nail Trim, Male Cologne or Female Perfume
    • Small Breed
    • Medium Breed
    • Large Breed
    *In order to ensure that each guest comes home fresh and clean, a 50% off discounted dog bath is mandatory for any dog boarding with us for 2 days or more.
  • Tooth Cleaning
  • Dematting
  • Nail Trim and Grinding
  • Tick Removal (Includes Bathing)
  • Ear Cleaning

Additional Services

Check out the additional services that are available to you and your doggies!

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  • Live Video Chat
    • If you've been out of town awhile or just can't stand to be away from your dog we offer live video chat! One of our staff members will sit down in front of the camera with your dog for up to 10 minutes so you can say hello and ask questions about his or her stay.
  • Spa Treatment
    • Your dog will be treated to a variety of vet-approved all natural health supplements and enjoy a 10-minute private belly rub and muscle massage. Only the best for our guests!
  • Photo Collage (10 Photos)
    • Are there photos of your dog all over your house and fridge? We can create you a photo collage of your dog while he or she is staying with us that you can take home! We use durable, long-lasting photo paper. We will also provide you with a digital copy.
  • Happy Hour
    • It's Happy Hour all day at Dog Rock! Your dog will enjoy a healthy variety of grain free treats and a bowl of water with a scoop of vet-approved NaturVet All-In-One Supplement Powder designed to improve digestion, skin & coat, joints, and overall health.
  • Private Walk on Leash
    • Your dog will be taken on a private walk with one of our dog walkers for 20 minutes.
  • Teefie Time!
    • Teefie Time! We will brush your dog's teeth. We use only vet-approved toothpaste and toothbrushes.
  • One-On-One Time
    • One-on-one time with one of our staff members for 20 minutes. This can be more belly rubs, tug-of-war, fetch, or whatever your dog desires!

Let's Meet!

To ensure the safety of every dog and the integrity of our "Dogs Come First" policy, we have a fun interview process.

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