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Group Daycare

Our Canine Care Leader's primary responsibility is to maintain a healthy, stress-free environment for the dogs in group play. All dogs must complete a Group Play Compatibility Interview before enrolling in daycare program. We carefully select which dogs play together based on age, size, play style and energy level. In group play, our staff will be present at all times and hands-on... we will not be 'checking in'... we'll be playing with your dogs! Call us anytime to schedule your dogs compatibly interview. You can download and fill out our Welcome To Dog Rock Form here and bring it with you the day of your interview.

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  • Group Daycare full day (Over 6 Hours) $45
  • 10 Pack $405
  • 20 Pack $765
  • 30 Pack $1080

  • 1/2 Day (Under 6 Hours) $32
*All Packages are non refundable and must be used within one year of purchase date. *If guest stays over 6 hours he or she will be charged a full day of daycare. *Keep in mind, our daycare program has a max capacity. We carefully decide how many dogs play in each group and availability may be limited. We ask you to reserve daycare by phone or online ahead of time.

Dog Training

We are thrilled that we have developed a partnership with Dottie from Canine Coaching for our training services. Dottie Zaris, CPDT-KA, CBC is a Canine Behavior Specialist and Professional Dog Trainer, nationally certified by the Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors and the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. She is also an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen and Star Puppy Evaluator. Dottie has over 20 years of experience working with dogs and their owners in Rockland and neighboring counties. She is an owner of Canine Coaching, LLC and the Director of Behavior Counseling and Training. Dottie offers private sessions and group classes for basic skills for all ages. She also works with the more complex behavior problems such as leash reactivity, resource guarding, and other forms of anxiety and aggression. She believes that training should be easy, fun and enjoyable for everyone. Her methods are based in positive, motivational philosophy and she is committed to bringing these principals into the lives of dogs and their families. For more information about Canine Coaching visit

Dog Sleepovers

Group Daycare is included in overnight boarding for dogs who have passed our Group Play Compatibility Interview. For dogs who have not been neutered or dogs who are simply not interested in socializing in group play, our staff will provide potty/exercise breaks throughout the day in a private yard and will make sure your dog's suite is always fresh and clean! We also offer additional services including extra belly rubs, adventure walks, baths and one-on-one time. We have staff members at the resort 24 hours of the day and have relationships with local 24-hour emergency veterinary hospitals in the event of an emergency.

Our check-out time is 12PM. If you pick up after 12 PM, you will be charged for a $32.00 late check-out fee.

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  • Summit Suite (Large) $110
  • Shaggy Chateau (Large) $89
  • Lazy Loft (Medium) $79
  • Cozy Cottages (Small) $69
*If you have two or more dogs who share a room, each additional dog is 15% off. *If you bring your own dog food we ask you to be as detailed as possible with your instructions. It is best to supply us with already labeled ready to serve portions if your dog is on a special diet. If you do not bring dog food or your dog stays longer than anticipated, our house dog food is veterinarian approved and is $3 per meal. Our staff is trained to administer non-injectable medicine. Each pill pocket is an additional $1.

At-Home Services with
Rebecca Ast

Hi, I’m Rebecca! I am so excited to be joining the At-Home Services team at Dog Rock Resorts. Growing up an animal lover, I knew I wanted to have a career working with animals. Over the last 12 years, I have been working as a Veterinary Technician. In June of 2018, I left the domestic animal world and took a position at a local zoo. I now care for over 50 different species of animals, and I absolutely love it! I do, however, miss being able to care for people's pets and that is where this new role comes in. I have always treated every animal as if it were my own. I am comfortable with dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes, as well as pocket pets! As a vet tech, I am able to administer any medications or special diets your pets might need. I look forward to meeting you and your furry (or feathered) family members! Rebecca Ast

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  • Overnight Stay 10PM - 7AM - $100 (+$15 each additional pet)
  • Cat Visit (feeding, watering, scooping) - $15 *additional expenses may apply
  • Pocket Pets (feeding, watering, scooping) - $15 *additional expenses may apply
  • 15 Minute Dog Visit - $20 (+$5 each additional dog)
  • 30 Minute Visit - $28
  • 1 Hour Visit - $45
  • Three 15 Minute Visits - $50
  • Three 30 Minute Visits - $75
  • Three 1 Hour Visits - $125
  • Bird Cage Clean Out - $12
  • Basic Indoor Plant Watering - $5
  • Medicine Administration - $5 (injections, wound treatment)
*Additional $10 per visit during holiday periods

Additional Services

Check out the additional services that are available to you and your doggies!

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  • Live Video Chat $15
    • If you've been out of town awhile or just can't stand to be away from your dog, we offer live video chat! One of our staff members will sit down in front of the camera with your dog for up to 10 minutes so you can say hello and ask questions about his or her stay.
  • Happy Tummy Probiotic $5
    • Your dog will be treated to a Fortifilora Probiotic Supplement For Dogs. Only the best for our guests!
  • Photo Collage (10 Photos) $15
    • Are there photos of your dog all over your house and fridge? We can create you a photo collage of your dog while he or she is staying with us that you can take home! We use durable, long-lasting photo paper. We will also provide you with a digital copy.
  • Happy Hour $4
    • It's Happy Hour all day at Dog Rock! Your dog will enjoy a non-alcoholic veterinary approved Browser Beer or Doggy Wine.
  • Private Walk on Leash for 15 Minutes $17
    Private Walk on Leash for 30 Minutes $30
    • Your dog will be taken on a private walk with one of our dog walkers for 15 minutes or 30 minutes.
  • Tooth Brushing $10
    • Teefie Time! We will brush your dog's teeth. We use only vet-approved toothpaste and toothbrushes.
  • One-On-One Time $10
    • One-on-one time with one of our staff members for 20 minutes. This can be more belly rubs, tug-of-war, fetch, or whatever your dog desires!
  • Bath Small Breed $25
    Bath Medium Breed $40
    Bath Large Breed $55
    • We will bathe your dog with vet-approved shampoos and conditioners.

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To ensure the safety of every dog and the integrity of our "Dogs Come First" policy, we have a fun interview process.

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